Executive members of COPA 177 for 2019-20, contact anyone for more information:

Name Position Phone Number Email Address *
Tom Hartai
Captain 519-319-3164 thomas.h at cabletv dot on dot ca
Paul Hodgins
Co-Captain 519-227-4267 genairspray at hotmail dot com
Mike Ash
Treasurer 519-238-6747 c.fnbo.mja at gmail dot com
Daniel King
Secretary 647-828-9493 copa177secretary at gmail dot com
Summer Papple
Past Captain 519-318-4224 summerpapple at gmail dot com
Ross Alexander
Director 519-235-3289 dashwoodlock at yahoo dot ca
Burt Hodgins
Director 519-525-3472 burvie at hurontel dot on dot ca

* Please excuse the non-linkable addresses, let’s keep the robots at bay.

Comments or issues with this website, and invoices can be directed to the Treasurer at the above email address.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Executive Members.
Below are the R&R’s as defined for 2018-19, the year ending on April 30, 2019. They will change with the new executive and are subject to change at any time.  They can be used as a guide to contact the most appropriate executive member.