Captain Tom has a unique flight experience

Wayne Cook and I flew to his Cousin’s beautiful airport at Fort Erie/Sunset.  I was invited to go for a formation flight with his Harvard.  It was an incredible experience I will always remember.
The 1400 hp T28 Trojan uses 55 GPH in cruise and a staggering 160 GPH at full military takeoff power.
I was fortunate to be able to take the stick and put the Trojan through a few steep turns.   Surprisingly light on the controls .
I posted a few videos of formation flying with the Harvard on my FB  page.  It was a great night.
Wayne and I made it back to Lucan where I picked up my 172 after an oil change . And we both landed at CSX7 just before legal dark..
What a great evening of flying .
Very special thanks To Wayne Cook for the invite !!!
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