Update from our first scholarship winner, Emily Dennis


COPA 177,

This is in response to your message about an update on my career progression since the COPA Flight 177 scholarship.

Three years ago I was privileged to be awarded the COPA Flight 177 and Jeremy Mason Memorial Scholarship for my private pilots license. After receiving that award, my flight training was quickly advanced and I completed my licence in June 2016. After completing my license I spent the rest of the summer flying with friends before I was to head off to college in the fall.

I attended an Aviation Technology and Flight college program, but left after a year for personal reasons. After coming home I began my commercial training right away and completed my CPL 7 months later in February of this year. Immediately after completing my CPL a job opportunity arose for a multi engine single pilot operations job flying aerial survey for a company called the Airborne Sensing Corporation.

The entry position for this job was to begin as a photo navigator, and after a time learning on site experience I would move up to a full time pilot. I began working for Airborne in March 2018, only a month after completing my CPL, and while still in the process of completing my multi rating.

I navigated for 3 months, and with a fresh multi rating was moved up to a full time pilot.

I now fly the Piper Aztec and Navajo in a variety of locations for aerial survey. Its been a great way to begin my aviation career and I am thoroughly enjoying the company I work for. The experience I have gained has been incredible from flying precise lines low level in the rugged terrain of Maine to surveying all across the province of Quebec. If I were to look back a year ago I would have never dreamed I would be in this position. There are so many people who have helped me along the way, including this scholarship that helped me from the beginning with my PPL. I am so thankful for everything and look forward to see what the future of flying has to offer.


Emily Dennis