Summary of upcoming events as of July 25, 2018


Upcoming Events

(updated Aug 2, 2018)


AUGUST 02, Eileen Vollick’s Birthday Fly-out Lunch, Wiarton Airport. Join us for lunch hosted by the Wiarton COPA Flight to celebrate Eileen Vollick’s 110th birthday (1st Woman Pilot).

AUGUST 11, Gathering of the Classics, 99s Display . Edenvale Aerodrome.

AUGUST 14, COPA 177 Meeting, CSX7: Patrick (Paddy) Morrissey, flies for WestJet and will be talking about his experiences in commercial aviation

AUGUST 25, Aviation Fun Day, CYKF (Waterloo), contact for details or to volunteer

AUGUST 25, COPA for Kids – COPA Flight 68 (Wiarton), Let Don Colter at know if a pilot can volunteer time to fly kids.

SEPTEMBER 11, COPA 177 Meeting, Don Kersey’s oil “farm”, Oil Springs. How small scale wells operate on 100 year old technology. We will be joined by COPA Chatham Flight.

SEPTEMBER 15, COPA For Kids, CYKF (Waterloo), contact for details or to volunteer

OCTOBER 9, COPA 177 Meeting, CSX7: Another “What would you do?” session with Michelle plus some possible special young guests. A chili pot-luck is rumoured.

NOVEMBER 13; COPA 177 Meeting, Unit 4, London International Airport, 2480 Huron Street: Pilot-Static Course (May qualify for recurrent training.) By MISix Aviation Services.