First Annual Youth Scholarship Awarded, 2015

COPA 177, Exeter and the Jeremy Mason Memorial Fund are proud to announce the aware of the 2015 Pilot License Scholarship to Emily Dennis from Brantford Ontario.

The $2,400 award was presented at the COPA 177 / Sexsmith Pilots Limited Christmas Party on December 4, 2015.

Emily with Darren and Kathy Mason

Emily Dennis

Emily with Tom Hartai (L) and Mike Ash

Emily is currently grade 12 at Brantford Collegiate Institute and she has had an keen interest in aviation from age 13.  She volunteers at aviation events and currently works most days at the Brantford Flight Centre. She tries to incorporate aviation into her project work at school, where she is an top ranked student.

Emily is committed to completing her Private license and then plans to attend the Flight Diploma and Commercial Pilot course at Sault Ste. Marie.  Her eventual goal is become an airline pilot.

She enjoys talking about aviation and looks forward to inspiring other young people to engage in aviation and to represent our flying community.

The funds will augment her hard earned savings to ensure a successful completion of of her training at the Brantford Flight Centre.